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Story of Khale Trailer Story of Khale Trailer

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I'd Wish I'd Get Feed Back --

This is one of the best trailers I've seen. The style and the art is well done to near perfection -- One thing to comment is that... All the art and the detail is so precise at moments -- The Shadow Scene had mainly black and little detail -- I mean its only like 3 seconds so I really shouldn't complain -- but you've put so much effort everywhere else -- It would've been nice if you added a tiny bit more detail in that scene -- Also the "Running through Forest" scene and the "Skateboard" scene were not outlined the rest of the movie -- (I might be missing more scenes) it woulda been a little nicer to have had them consistant --

Don't get me wrong -- I love the movie -- Cough* Trailer Cough* -- And I've added it to my favorites... It was an amazing peice of work... I'd love to see the rest --

Next thing I noticed is... the Music -- I just watched both of the movies on NG ... And I have to say one thing... Please change the music -- It bugged me to hear a Final Fantasy theme in this -- Especially since it was a battle theme -- not an "intro" theme... And It was basically a loop during the whole movie --

But One thing to note... The timing of the sound and the move was pretty damn good! -- One I noticed that was well done was the timing with the climatic rising of the battle theme while -- He was changing because of the sword... Hm... But Again with good timing was with bad interpretation -- This is only my opinion and this is your project so my words shouldn't mean shit -- But... One thing that bugged me -- was the unexpected FF battle theme when the movie JUST started... Also the music just flatly didn't fit in other parts...

Lastly about sound -- The sound effects were out balanced by the music -- or vice versa --

I'm sorry if I've been very... very critical --
It's the reason that -- God... This is amazing art work -- And That's all I coulda said -- Just... Damn... The Music bugged me... (only a 5)

Anyways Keep up the Good Work and...

I like Lar better than Khale =P

Micah Teaser Micah Teaser

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Superb Animating

It was really short -- even for a teaser... But I'm not complaining
The Animating on that was beautiful -- Some of the finest "Pencil" tool drawing (I think you used pencil; Correct me if I'm wrong) -- But still the Style of art and animating was just amazing...
The sound was nearly to nothing, Just ambience... I've got a few questions -- so that means its a good teaser... Well...
I can't Wait

Tokka & Razzah Tokka & Razzah

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Funny Shit

I remember these guys from TNMT... for my Snes... don't get me wrong... I'm 14... but... Haha... very nicely done with the humor in this peice!
It fun... with it's silliness and randomness... I love it

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Reaction Jizzy Reaction Jizzy

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Addicting Chance!

This isn't particularly a game that should be addicting... but its amusing enough to watch over and over... (mainly and only if its a cool reaction)... I did top your high record with 1219... but I think I glitched it... or someway...

If i continue clicking the circles (that are still colored I can start another reaction (but score starts at 1 again... but now i have twice as many reactions...)

yeah... its amusing and addicting... but not super super fun... haha

FPS in Real Life 4 FPS in Real Life 4

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Since it seems you take reviews into consideration

This was very well done! And from previous ones the HUD and scoring system has been improved byfar, I also liked the idea of mixing the "situations" and the "FPS" together, it worked very very well... And I liked it...

Also this seems to have more of a story than the 3rd installment and I loved it because of that... Still, I must say it was bland (Yet very entertaining) and I could only wish to make an awesome game with what you have already -- I understand the file size is a major drawback... But... I'm not sure how it works with NG, or .Swf's in general... but Maybe have an Economic version and a Full Decked Out Version... 7mb would be large and long DL for such a short game...

But if it was longer... and (Yes I know FPS... like CS don't really have a storyline) but, it would be nice to have a full-storyline-esque thing going... maybe more than "1" mission... or like a MGS esque thing... I mean condsidering your a pioneer of this sort... this is amazing... but mixing more things thats worked would enhance it a bit more...

Anyways... I've already talked about the storyline and such... but... a few things that would be awesome... or for better words... intruiging... is an even more decked out HUD system as well as a "Pause" menu thing... With that... weapon switching, additional options: like changing skin tone (ahaha iono something random to add there)... and maybe just character customization... like having your name displayed... since it is simple... (2 text boxes 1 dynamic, 1 input... and a line of scripting) I mean these are jsut small things that would enhance the game a tad bit... (Since you were able to create this awesome peice of work in such short time... more effort could do a lot) =P...

I understand that video taping takes a lot of space... and I have no idea how to actually "do this" but I'm just throwing it out there... But to be able to actually control movement, not just hands would be amazing... and creates a different feel toward the game... a more realistic tone and setting...

Some Review stated the voicing... and another (or same)... noted the unrealistic hands... As well as the hidden mouse... Just minor things that i guess wouldn't hurt to re-enphasise... but the voicing could be done a bit better... and (the humor was "trying" but didn't really hit the punchline)... the hands to my opinion no really matter... since its just astetics...

Oi... About the HUD system... you could add a hidden score system for the end... so people could see how they're doing...
And if its possible to have a REAL TIME CONTROL FEELING... it would be awesome to have a HP BAR... (Maybe a Flash Light Bar... for those night missions =P) or even an Inventory... for times when needed for a smokebomb... or gas... not just mindless shoting...

BTW, loved the Sniper scene... just kinna hard to tell... if the camera was panning or if it wasn't...

So recap of the above: Storyline, Pause Menu/ Special Options and Such, Real Time Control, Items and HP and such, as well as night time/ day time effect...

(Of course... These are ONLY ideas... and they may never be able to be applied... It would just be awesome... amazing... lacking for better words cool... to have those adjusments... )

Lastly... Loved the game, Loved the Series, can't wait till more come

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the slug the slug

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Alright... For Those Other Reviewers...

I don't Understand what your dilema... If you watch closely... There a Wisps of "WhatEver" Its like Mario... If They touch you -- You DIE!...
Stop Complaining about why you kept dying... Plus... It's a quick submit --

Anyways for the author --

The game was actually fun... with a few annoyances... Jumping was a bit too high as well as the annoying enemies are hard to notice... and hard to dodge to get uh... what ever you had to pick up --

The idea of bouncing ground was amusing -- I coulda done that all day... Also the "game" itself was presented decently...

Hm... Since we're on presentation -- You could absolutely start a menu system -- and more... Not just a flat out "Press Start" -- Its cool and all -- But kudo's for making it more fancy...

I assume this isn't finished -- because if it was I would be dissapointed -- this was a great game to begin with... Just polishing a bit and an awesome "slug" mario-esque game woulda been made...

zack-l-astro responds:

I agree with all of it, well yes its not done, as you said its a quick release so I can see how people respomd to this idea this "game" was only a few days in making
I know of these "bugs" you've all been compaining about as for the you die if you do anything.. not true there are so called "ghosts" roaming around and if they touch you yes you die BUT! if you jump on em' they disappear like if you shoot it but then it comes back after a few seconds so you can collect the thing you were supposed to collect. On the next weeks I will be improving the game ALOT as for the menu Idea amongst graphic + some additions like enemys more levels better sounds and maybe more
weapons and lots more... so guys the game isn't finished! this was only to see how people responded on this and to get more flow/ideas to make it even better than I was going to make it, so keep ideas coming.

and to conplete a level you have to collect ALL of them, so at the moment there's no "point" playing this game sorry.

Best Regards, Mitch.

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My bands Classic Rock/BluesJAM My bands Classic Rock/BluesJAM

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Great Job, at 14

You guys are awesome, very well done, but it does seem copied, heard that beat and rythem too often, but great job... Again, Amazing at 14!

Mistasmijen responds:

well i assure you it is not copied. i gues a few of the drum crashes are a bit mainstream but yeah